Google Buzz Logo and Icons Colletion

Here are just few logos and icons of google buzz, which this is just simple creations of my little work with adobe photoshop. But if it is deemed not good, so forgive me!

buzz icon
buzz logo
google buzz icon
free 7 google buzz icon
google buzz 7 blog logo
new google buzz logo
google buzz logo box styleGoogle buzz Logo psd style by free7

How to make disable Google Buzz from gmail (turn off buzz)

google buzz logoHere a tips about buzz off or how to make Disable Google Buzz from gmail, because I think that who have joined the Google Buzz, there are certainly some protests because Google Buzz sending updates (in the form respond friends etc.) to our Gmail Inbox.
so that the inbox was full of yet another email updates from Facebook and Twitter.

Google Buzz is a social networking site from google. Currently, the social networking sites have started to show its impact on the development of social networking technology. Perhaps for those of you who have an account on , the name of this google-buzz was familiar , because already integrated with other google account first like gmail-account.

Oke, back to the topic about how to disabling (turn off) Google Buzz and also and avoid privacy issues in your mail box?

That's is really easy,

These simple steps to turn off Google Buzz:
  1. Login to your Gmail
  2. Look at the bottom of the page , you will see :Gmail view: standard | turn off chat | turn off buzz | older version | basic HTML Learn more
  3. So, just click the link of "Turn off Google Buzz"
  4. Done

Or chek out at Google Help forum

Have a nice day and good relaxing tonight.